Gift Planning

Brouse Legacy Society

The Brouse Legacy Society recognizes donors who have made provisions in their estate plans to provide a gift to the Inland Empire Community Foundation for the benefit of their community.

For donors who wish to create a legacy beyond their lifetime, gifts take the form of bequests naming the Inland Empire Community Foundation in a will or trust, charitable remainder trust, life insurance, or any other charitable planned gift.

For more information, contact Jose A. Marquez, CSPG, Director of Planned Giving at [email protected].

The Brouse Legacy Society Members
2022 List

Mr. Gerry and Mrs. Glenda Bayless

Mr. Terry and Mrs. Sharon* Bridges

Ms. Dora Buchner

Mr. Marc Burton

Mr. Peter C. and Mrs. Suzon Capparelli

Ms. Constance Carlton

Mr. Chris Carpenter, Esq.*

Mr . Lamar and Mrs. Rose Caselli*

Mr. Don Clarke and Mrs. Joanna Barrajas-Clarke

Ms. Cathy M. Cooney

Mr. Don L. Curtis and Mrs. Joyce Curtis*

Ms. Lillian De Simone*

Mr. Theodore and Mrs. Jo Dutton

Mr. George Erk

Mr. Dick and Mrs. Audrey Evans

Dr. David Falk ,MD*

Mr. Robert* and Mrs. Cheryl Fey

Ms. Kirsten Ingrid Fishler*

Mr. Jim Fundin and Mr. Rafael Lorenzo

Mr. Paxton and Mrs. Shelley Gagnet

Mrs. Barbara Gile*

Mrs. Carol Goodhart

Mr. Robert Gurr

Ms. Barbara Hanna and Mr. Ed Ball

Ms. Elaine Hill, Esq.

Mr. David A. and Mrs. Mary Hjorth

Mr. Rickerby Hinds and Dr. Paulette Brown-Hinds

Mrs. Jane Hoff

Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Karen Hudis

Mr. Richard G. Hutchinson III

Mr. Trevor and Mrs. Patricia Jones

Mr. Joseph W. Lyman III

Ms. Mary Mac Dougal

Ms. Luraine MacLeod

Ms. Mary "Kit" Mac Nee

Mr. Jose and Mrs. Victoria Marquez

Ms. Rose Mayes

Ms. Jerilyn McLees

Mr. and Mrs. Kenton Miller

Ms. Joyce A. Montgomery

Mr. George and Mrs. Vici Nagel

Mr. Aaron Norris*

Mrs. Ila Perrine

Mr. Chuck *and Mrs. Shelby Obershaw

Ms. Retha Ott

Ms. Michelle Rainer and Mr. Stan Fischer

Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Chris Ramirez

Ms. Beverly Rashidd and Ms. Carol Newkirk

Mr. Rohn E. Rookstool*

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Rossi

Ms. Gae Rusk

Mr. Phillip M. Savage III and Mrs. Lynda Savage

Mr. David Schmidt

Mrs. Rosalie Silverglate

Mrs. Brie Griset and Mr. Peter Marshall Smith

Mr. Robert J. Smith and Mr. Michael Barba

Col. Sherman A. Smith, USMC Retired* and Mrs. Lady Sherman A. Smith

Mr. John and Mrs. Janis Spann

Mr. Richard and Mrs. Mary Ann Stalder

Ms. Marianne Stamm*

Ms. Judy Takano

Ms. Teresa Taylor

Mr. Brian Wachs

Mr. Dwight Tate and Ms. Kathy Wright

Mr. Robert* and Mrs. Nancy Weingartner

Mr. Robert* and Mrs. Helga Wolf

Mr. Jeff and Deanna Zimmerly Leaverton

* Asterisk indicates person is deceased.